The NCM Libraries


Reference Library
NCM has the aim of building a national, and on the web accessible, reference library for Swedish and international mathematics education literature as well as mathematical literature for teacher training. A first class reference library is not just essential for the internal work of the NCM and as an access for active mathematics teachers, but should also be an information center for colleagues at our universities and university colleges who are involved in teacher education, research and research education. The work is under way, and special resources for construction and operation have recently been given to the center from the Swedish government.

Teaching Media Library
NCM has the goal of setting up a national reference library for the text books and teaching aids in mathematics used in our country. The library collection should also incorporate international examples and be accessible on the net. The collection should not just consist of printed text books but also "teaching media", for example, laboratory "hands on" material: videos, graph and symbol calculators as well as IT based materials. Those publishing companies with which we have been in contact are willing to place their products at disposal at the NCM. As with the reference library, special resources are required for construction and operation.