NOMAD 9(2), 2004. Editorial – Nordic Contact Committe


Mathematics education research seems to attract increasing attention in the Nordic countries. More funding has been available in recent years, new activities and projects have been initiated. International exchange involving both researchers and doctoral students is expanding. National graduate schools exist in three of the five countries and a Nordic Graduate School started in 2004, funded for five years by the Nordic Academy for Research, NorFA. Existing research environments at universities are growing and new research groups are created. ICME 10 in Copenhagen comes timely and will add to these growing activities.

For a long time the Nordic countries have had formalised collaboration within many fields and therefore have some experience in acting as a unit. Thus it was natural to collaborate when offering Copenhagen in Denmark as a site for ICME 10. A Nordic Contact Committee (NCC) was established to manage and oversee communications and initiate activity to promote and support this large and influential event.
Among a number of initiatives by NCC was a special issue of NOMAD, reporting research within mathematics education in the five countries. NCC and the editorial committee of NOMAD invited Otto B Bekken, Anna Kristjánsdóttir, who are members of NCC, and Barbara Jaworski as guest editors, with responsibility to put together the special issue. NCC wishes to express their gratitude for the work done by the guest editors.

The aim of the issue is to give an idea of some current research in mathematics education in our countries, although for practical and financial reasons it is not possible to include all relevant articles. What you will find here is a set of papers from the region, covering diverse topics in mathematics education from a range of perspectives. We hope that it will provide some insights and increase your interest in mathematics education in the Nordic countries.

Thanks to funding from the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Ministries of Education it is possible to print a larger number of copies of NOMAD than otherwise and thus make the issue available for a greater audience during ICME 10.

17 May 2004

Gerd Brandell

Chair, NCC