NOMAD 15(2), 2010. Communication and learning at computers: an overview

Communication and learning at computers: an overview

Rune Herheim


The article highlights key findings from a research literature overview within the field of learning and communication, for face-to-face small group settings in which pupils use a computer. The overview surveys articles with a general learning approach and articles from the field of mathematics education. The purpose of the overview is to locate the most significant literature of the field and qualitatively summarize these articles by identifying the issues that are their focus. In addition, the article presents some of the sceptical arguments presented in the literature, and finally some important issues for future work are singled out.

Rune Herheim

Rune Herheim is a PhD-candidate at the Department of Education, University of Bergen. Before this he has worked as a lecturer in mathematics education at Bergen University College and as a teacher in primary school. Herheim’s main research interests lie in ICT and education, collaborative learning, and the relationship between pupils’ communication and pupils’ learning.