NCM news 2009: November

Without maths we're lost in a dark labyrinth It's the glue that binds scientific and artistic cultures. The language of number and symmetry is spoken everywhere.

That proficiency is measured on tests, but the far-reaching effects of play don't show up in answers to multiple-choice questions. They show up in life.

The early learning challenge: Raising the bar - Secretary Arne Duncan's remarks at the National association for the education of young children annual conference.

President Obama launches "Educate to innovate" campaign for excellence in science, engineering, technology and math education

Duncan Endorses Efforts to Improve STEM Education

White House Pushes Science and Math Education

It may be no accident that, while some of the best American mathematical minds worked to solve one of the century's hardest problems-the Poincaré Conjecture-it was a Russian mathematician working in Russia who, early in this decade, finally triumphed. Russia's conquering zeros. The strength of post-Soviet math stems from decades of lonely productivity

Perfect rigor: A genius and the mathematical breakthrough of the century

A principled genius