NCM news 2010: January

Female teachers' math anxiety can hurt girls' confidence, study says,0,1971604.s...,0,4114031.s...

The Guardian: Do the maths: Special report on how to build up confidence in teaching
and learning maths.

* Introduction: How to encourage children to love math
* The challenges of learning and teaching maths
* Maths careers to count on
* How maths made my career
* Maths teachers gain new status
* Early adopter: a 'valuable qualification'
* Early years provision: playing with maths
* Making maths fun: role playing
* Maths made me
* Training for primary school maths specialists
* Maths 'leader' Simon Ansell: 'I want to change the perception of maths in its entirety'
* Maths 'leader' Ken Glyas: Wise to whiteboards
* Self-evaluation tools for maths teachers
* How to tackle maths homework
* Laughing lesson: adult learning
* More professional development for maths teachers
* The benefits of CPD
* Don't forget the parents - maths for all the family
* Maths worshops to win over wary parents
* Ideas to make maths homework a family affair
* A fun way to show the point of learning maths
* Computer games make maths fun in school
* How to use Google Maps in maths teaching
* Marcus de Sautoy says why maths is an everyday skills we all need
* Online tools for maths teachers

World Maths Day - March 3, 2010
Last year, 2 million students from 204 countries participated

Homework and pupil achievement in Norway. Evidence from TIMSS

England: Parents struggle to help with maths homework

Maths for Mums and Dads

Why Beckham Chose 23, [Oxford univ. (QuickTime film)]

Obama plans $250 million initiative for science, math, [Washington Post] ...

President Obama expands "Educate to innovate" campaign for excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) Education, [] ...

79 public university leaders sign letter to president Obama pledging to address national shortage of science and mathematics teachers, [] ...

Few Gender Differences in Math Abilities, Worldwide Study Finds
Cross-National Patterns of Gender Differences in Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis

Why golden ratio pleases the eye

The power of proportion

Holiday Special: Beauty of Polynomials Highlighted on Scientific American Website

Unfolding the Earth