MST and gender

Mathematics and technology in the 'body' of education: knowledge. The gender perspective

PREMA 2 overall aim is at raising awareness on issues of mathematics and gender in order to increase the level of girls' participation in career choices of sciences and technology

European Commission European Research Area (2008). Benchmarking policy measures for gender equality in science. Luxembourg, European Commission, Directorat-General for Research.

Study: No gender differences in math performance

Few female in the Math Olympiad

OWME is an international network of individuals and groups who share a commitment to achieving equity in education and who are interested in the links between gender and the teaching -- and learning -- of mathematics.

Gender and mathematics education

Equity: The Case for and Against Gender

Girls are becoming as good as boys at mathematics, and are still better at reading, [] ...

Study finds smaller girl-boy math gap in countries with gender equality, [] ...

Math skills related to gender equality: study, [] ...

UCR math professor tells girls they can add up, [] ...

The freedom to say 'no', [] ...

Reporter Examines Gender Gap in Math and Science, [] ...

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal No. 20 (June 2007)

Women opt out of math/science careers because of family demands
The study, published in the March issue of the American Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin (135:2), is an integrative analysis of 35 years of research on sex differences in math -
a review of more than 400 articles and book chapters to better understand why women are underrepresented in such math-intensive science careers as computer science, physics, technology, engineering, chemistry and higher mathematics.