All articles in NOMAD are published electronically on the web, as pdf-files. Except for the two most recent volumes they are given open access. The two most recent volumes are open only to subscribers (with a personal login) or if your institution's IP addresses are registred with us. Subscribtions with e-NOMAD included give access to all published articles.

The full text search of the NOMAD archives is freely available (see Search in e-NOMAD).

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Thera are four different ways to subscribe to NOMAD. All subscriptions include 4 printed issues per Volume.

– Students (e-NOMAD included)
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Individual subscription

e-NOMAD is included in all individual subscriptions. Accordingly, all individual subscribers will receive the printed journal as well as the possibility to download and read articles from the web. Subscribers will get a personal username and password to login to the NOMAD website. Mail us at nomad@ncm.gu.se when the payment is made and the necessary information to access e-NOMAD will be sent to you.

Institution subscription

For institutions there are two different subscriptions. Alternative A includes the printed journal only. Alternative B includes the printed journal as well as access to e-NOMAD. Access to e-NOMAD for the staff at an institution is restricted to registered IP addresses. As soon as the payment is made please send the IP address range (e.g.– that should be granted access to e-NOMAD to nomad@ncm.gu.se. You will receive notification when the access to e-NOMAD is activated.
Please notify Ann-Charlotte Forslund – nomad@ncm.gu.se – in case you choose not to subscribe to e-NOMAD (alt. A).

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For inquires concerning e-NOMAD please send an mail to nomad@ncm.gu.se

The editors hope you will continue to follow the research in mathematics education in the Nordic countries and that e-NOMAD will be an appreciated development of the journal.

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