NCM reports – Educating for the future


How should future teachers of Mathematics be educated? What are the competencies needed for her/him to be able to further pupils’ joy to learn mathematics? These were questions discussed during the symposium “Preparation of Mathematics Teachers for the Future” held at Malmö University in May 2003.

This book documents the symposium, including presentations given by international and national experts as well as the panel and group discussions. It offers theoretical concepts and practical suggestions for the education of future as well as practising teachers. Teachers, teacher educators as well as persons interested in Mathematics Education and Didactics of Mathematics, including researchers in the field, will find stimulating ideas and challenging facts concerning the education of Mathematics teachers.

Proceedings of an International Symposium on Mathematics Teacher Education
Preparation of Mathematics Teachers for the Future
Malmö University, Sweden
5-7 May 2003

Editors: Rudolf Strässer, Gerd Brandell, Barbro Grevholm, Ola Helenius
ISSN: 1102-4771

Authors: C Kiselman, C Bergsten, G Botten, A-B Fuglestad, B Grevholm, I Holden, T Lingefjärd, B Jaworski, K Krainer, P Sullivan, T Wood, J Kilpatrick, J Adler, B Gustafsson, D Loewenberg Ball, H Bass, M Niss, G Leder, A Arcavi

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