Handlingsplan för MaNaTe också i Indien

Som vi rapporterat om löpande på Aktuellt pågår och planeras omfattande insatser runt om i världen för att öka intresset för studier i matematik, naturvetenskap och teknik. Vi får gå tillbaka till "Sputnik-krisen" i USA i slutet på 50-talet och vågorna efter den, för att hitta något motsvarande

Också i Indien oroar man sig för minskat intresse för studier inom de aktuella områdena. En särskild kommitté, The national knowledge commision, har tagit fram en handlingsplan: Attracting talanted students to maths and science ...

We are witnessing a growing tendency among talented students to pursue studies in areas other than mathematics and basic sciences. To realise our vision of India as a knowledge society, it is essential to build a strong foundation in basic sciences by attracting a larger number of talented students to this stream. This foundation in science is needed to create the next generation of leaders and competent scientific talent and teachers, säger ordföranden i kommittén Sam Pitroda till tidningen The Hindu.

Rapporten innehåller tio huvudförslag:

  • Invest in upgrading and expanding the existing infrastructure and promote sharing of available resources
  • Revitalize the teaching profession to attract and retain quality teachers
  • Revamp teacher training at all levels and promote development of teaching aids to retain student attention in classrooms
  • Restructure masters and graduate degrees to promote career flexibility after graduation
  • Reform the science curriculum content in line with the changing world and increase research component at all levels
  • Radical changes are required in the evaluation system to encourage scientific thinking and promote better understanding of basic science concepts
  • Promote access to quality science educational material at all levels
  • Re-brand and promote careers in basic sciences
  • Launch a massive science outreach programme aimed at students and their parents
  • Encourage industry participation in promoting sciences at all levels

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