UK: Nationella test "krymper" kursplanen

"Regular testing in schools narrows the curriculum, placing too much emphasis on certain aspects of core subjects." Det säger professor Margret Brown i en intervju i BBC Radio 4."

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A new report by the Commons schools, children and families committee published on Testing and Assessment said inappropriate use of national testing could be damaging, with teachers spending too much time "teaching to the test":

Systems of national testing have been part of the educational landscape for decades. We consider that a certain amount of national testing at key points in a child's school career is necessary in order to provide a standardised means of measuring educational attainment. However, in recent years the Government has emphasised central control of the education system through testing and associated targets and performance tables, placing test results in a new and more complex context with wide-ranging consequences.

National test results are now used for a wide variety of purposes across many different levels-national, local, institutional and individual. Each of these purposes may be legitimate in its own right, but the question we have asked is whether the current national testing system is a valid means by which to achieve these purposes. We conclude that, in some cases, it is not. In particular, we find that the use of national test results for the purpose of school accountability has resulted in some schools emphasising the maximisation of test results at the expense of a more rounded education for their pupils.

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