3rd IMA Maths Works

20 June 2008                      
The Royal Statistical Society, London

A conference introducing teachers to some of the areas where mathematics is used in the world of work
Additionally for this meeting, we will look at some of the changes anticipated with the introduction of the new Functional Mathematics component of the GCSE. This is an important change in GCSE Mathematics, and those present will have the opportunity to discuss this with some of those working on the developing agenda in this area.

The conference is being organised by Chris Belsom (past ACME member, and Head of Mathematics, Ampleforth College) and Garrod Musto (MEI Industry Committee, and Head of Mathematics, Kingswood School, Bath).  Speakers from previous conferences have considered how mathematics is used in the information industry, in the automotive industry, in weather forecasting and in transportation and defence.

This is a one-day conference, and will be of particular interest to teachers of mathematics, in both schools and colleges, who seek to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the many exciting and interesting applications of mathematics. It will provide an opportunity for those present to explore how mathematics is used in the workplace and how teachers might exploit this to stimulate further interest in mathematics in their classes. One session will advise teachers of the developments in relation to ‘Functional Mathematics’, and where it will fit into the GCSE programme.

The conference is open to both members and non-members of the Institute. The Institute is offering six grants, from the Education Grants budget, for teachers working in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom to attend the 3rd Mathematics Works conference. 

Invited Speakers
Professor David Spiegelhalter FRS (University of Cambridge)
Professor Celia Hoyles (Institute of Education, and Director, NCETM)
Professor John Monnaghan or Professor John Threlfall (Leeds University)
Garrod Musto (MEI Industry Committee, and Head of Mathematics, Kingswood School, Bath)
Dr G. Keith Still (Crowd Dynamics Ltd)
Professor Chris Budd (University of Bath)

Early Bird Conference Fees (Before 16th May 2008. After this date a £15.00 late payment charge will be added)
Registration is open at online.ima.org.uk or by e-mailing sammi.lauesen@ima.org.uk