USA: Konsensus kring utveckling av matematikutbildning

USA: Konsensus kring utveckling av matematikutbildning

Ett antal kända matematiker och matematikutbildare i USA har författat ett upprop - Math is More: Toward a National Consensus on Improving U.S. Mathematics Education - med tio programpunkter, med möjlighet att medverka för att de skall kunna realiseras.

Plank 1: Students need to see mathematics and the people who use mathematics in the broadest possible light.

Plank 2: Mathematics education must be viewed as a complex system requiring coherent coordination and a long-term investment in the quality of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Plank 3: Mathematics education at all levels, including advanced college programs, is a form of vocational and professional preparation.

Plank 4: A coherent set of broad national curricular goals allowing for new results from educational research should be created.

Plank 5: The quality of instruction continues to be of critical importance to the improvement of student achievement.

Plank 6: Programs must be developed to help all students, recognizing their diverse needs, interests, talents, and levels of motivation.

Plank 7: We must test what we value, both locally and nationally.

Plank 8: We must continue to develop and research new materials and pedagogies and translate that research into improved classroom practice.

Plank 9: Our country must make a major investment over the coming decade to sustain and rejuvenate the ranks of mathematics teachers in our nation's schools.

Plank 10: We must build a sustainable system for monitoring and improving mathematics education.

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