NOMAD 12(2), 2007. Education of lower secondary mathematics teachers in Denmark and France



This paper presents a comparative study of two surprisingly different systems of preparing teachers for lower secondary level teaching of mathematics, namely those of Denmark and France. We first describe these systems differences succinctly. The main part of the paper reports on a qualitative study of how final year teacher students in the two countries handle two hypothetical situations of mathematics
teaching. Then we discuss how the findings could be related to the systems of
formation described first.


Denne artikel præsenterer et komparativt studium af to overraskende forskellige matematiklæreruddannelser til det indledende sekundære niveau (12–15 årige), nemlig den danske og det franske. Vi giver først en kort beskrivelse af de to uddannelser. Hovedparten af artiklen præsenterer et kvalitativt studium af hvordan lærerstuderende i det afsluttende studieår håndterer to hypotetiske situationer i matematikundervisning. Dernæst diskuterer vi hvordan resultaterne af dette studium kan relateres til de to uddannelsers indretning, som først beskrevet.


Carl Winsløw is professor and vice-chair for research at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen. His research in didactics of mathematics deals mainly with tertiary education and epistemological aspects. He teaches the didactics of mathematics and science to future high school teachers in the preservice education at the faculty of science. He is currently involved in the organisation of the NORMA conference in 2008 as chair of the scientific programme committee.

Viviane Durand-Guerrier is associate professor at the IUFM (university institute for teacher education) in Lyon and member of the research laboratory LIRDHIST (history, epistemology and didactics of the sciences and technology) at the University of Lyon 1. Her research is mainly on the epistemological role of logic and language within secondary and tertiary mathematics education. She is currently the president of ARDM (the French association for research on the didactics of mathematics). Her teaching addresses future primary and secondary mathematics teachers at the IUFM as well as masters students at the university.