Tekno-matematiska baskunskaper för arbetslivet

I förra veckan presenterades en slutrapport från ett engelsk projekt om behovet av nya baskunskaper i matematik i ett allt mer datoriserat arbetsliv. Den första vågen av datorisering beskrivs som "deskilling" medan utvecklingen nu beskrivs som "upskilling", omfattande bl a omdömesförmåga långt utöver förmågan att räkna och göra överslag. Dessa nya kompetenser kallar projektgruppen 'Techno-Mathematical Literacies':

What is required is something new: we call them "techno-mathematical literacies" - fusions of mathematical, ICT and workplace-specific competencies that demand an ability to deal with models and to take decisions based on the interpretation of abstract information. The project will:

  • identify, characterise and compare the "techno-mathematical literacies" required by managers in at least three different industrial and commercial sectors;
  • iteratively design, evaluate and disseminate - in collaboration with sector managers, professional bodies and college-based trainers - a set of multimedia-based training modules to help time-served employees acquire appropriate techno-mathematical literacies;
  • evolve a set of measures for evaluating the learning outcomes of the modules from the point of view both of individual and group learning;
  • contribute to the development of Activity Theory through the analysis of actual workplace activities and epistemologies, and to concretise the notion of boundary-crossing activity through design and evaluation of the training modules;
  • work with professional institutions, training organisations and Sector Skills Councils to address issues concerning the forms of qualification and accreditation that should be made available to employees that will support progression for time-served employees, and strengthen existing forms of work-based training.
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