NOMAD 7(1), 1999. What may be neglected by an application-centered approch to mathematics education?



It seems that an ongoing discussion of whay modeling and applications should be part of mathematics education has mostly centred a round utilitarian argument. In my opinion, such an attitude may produce an unbalanced view on reasons for including modelling and applications in mathematics education, which, in turn, may result in neglect of the following important issues of mathemtical modelling:

  • the complexity of the modelling process,
  • the distinctio between the perspective of model builders and that of model users,
  • the necessity of a demanding interplay among students' cognitive, metacognitive and affective domains in the modelling process.

The article briefly presents the application-centered approach to mathematics education, examines these neglected issues, and suggests how the teaching of modelling and applications may thus be utilised.

Djordje Kadijevich, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Yugoslavia