Stor oro i England över vuxnas baskunskaper i matematik


En kommitté i det engelska underhuset uttycker i en rapport
stor oro över den vuxna befolkningens baskunskaper:

Mr Edward Leigh MP, Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts, said today:

"The low level of literacy and numeracy in the adult population is bad for national productivity and bad for those individuals who may struggle to cope with work and daily living. The Department has the laudable long-term aim through its 2001 Skills for Life strategy of making sure that England has one of the best literacy and numeracy rates in the world. But the task is a huge one and will become increasingly difficult and expensive to achieve.

"£3.7 billion will have been spent by 2006 on implementing this strategy; but no one knows exactly how much more money will be needed from 2006 to 2010: on current patterns, perhaps more than £2 billion. The Department must harden up its estimates of future costs. It must also zealously hold the line against any dilution of qualification standards.
"The ultimate success of Skills for Life will depend on the 'hard to reach' being persuaded of the benefits of gaining qualifications. To this end, it is a matter of grave concern that those with the greatest need have been getting the worst quality of teaching. The Department must also reduce the proportion of programme resources being used to enable recent school leavers to achieve the qualifications in English and maths they should have got at school."

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