Ny PISA-rapport om resultaten i matematik


En ny rapport, "Northern lights on PISA 2003 - a reflection from the Nordic Countries", presenterades vid Nordiska ministerrådets konferens i Oslo, 18-19 maj. Artiklarna behandlar olika tema och är skrivna av forskare som arbetar med PISA i de nordiska länderna:

Chapter 1 Northern Lights on PISA 2003. An Introduction to the Report. Pekka Kupari and Jukka Törnroos

Chapter 2 Characterising Students' Mathematical Literacy Performances in Nordic Countries. Pekka Kupari and Jukka Törnroos

Chapter 3 A Nordic Profile of Mathematics Achievement: Myth or Reality? Rolf V. Olsen

Chapter 4 What are the Characteristics of the Nordic Profile in Mathematical Literacy? Rolf V. Olsen and Liv Sissel Grønmo

Chapter 5 'Growing up'- The Story Behind Two Items from PISA 2003. Peter Allerup, Lena Lindenskov and Peter Weng

Chapter 6 How Similar are We? Similarities and Differences Between the Nordic Countries in Cognitive, Affective and Contextualised Measures in PISA 2003. Svein Lie and Marit Kjærnsli

Chapter 7 Affective Factors and Their Relation to the Mathematical Literacy Performanceof Students in the Nordic Countries. Jukka Törnroos, Ingmar Ingemansson, Astrid Pettersson and Pekka Kupari

Chapter 8 Learning Strategies and Mathematical Achievement in the Nordic Countries. Are Turmo and Therese Nerheim Hopfenbeck

Chapter 9 Nordic Minority Students' Literacy Achievement and Home Background. Astrid Roe and Rita Hvistendahl

Chapter 10 How Can Reading Abilities Explain Differences in Maths Performances? Astrid Roe and Karin Taube

Chapter 11 What Lies Behind Low Reading Literacy Performance? A Comparative Analysis of the Finnish and Swedish Students. Pirjo Linnakylä, Antero Malin and Karin taube

Chapter 12 Could Confidence in ICT Boost Boys' Reading Performance? Kaisa Leino and Antero Malin

Chapter 13 Scientific Competence and Educational Reforms in Norway and Sweden. Karl Göran Karlsson, Marit Kjærnsli, Svein Lie and Maria Åström

Chapter 14 Gender and the Urban-rural Differences in Mathematics and Reading: An Overview of PISA 2003 Results in Iceland. Ragnar F. Ólafsson, Almar M. Halldórsson and Júlíus K. Björnsson

Chapter 15 Leaving Examination Marks and PISA Results - Exploring the Validity of PISA Scores. Jan Mejding, Simon Reusch and Thomas Yung Andersen

Chapter 16 PISA Copenhagen 2004 - The Competence of 9thForm Students in Copenhagen. Niels Egelund and Beatrice Schindler Rangvid

Chapter 17 Participants in PISA 2000 - Four Years Later. Torben Pilegaard Jensen and Dines Andersen

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